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Speed Networking Leads To Deal Making

Dee Strilowich of Personal Touch Welcome is a local legend, knocking on more than 10,642 local doors to welcome new residents to Ridgefield, Redding and Georgetown with a basket of gifts from local businesses. Two months ago Dee met David Saunders, owner of Design Brand Promote at a Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce speed networking event. When David learned that Personal Touch Welcome was available for purchase, he immediately thought of his fiancé Christine Santorini. "He said 'I think this is something that Christine and I need to do'," recalled Dee. Two weeks later they made it official and held a ribbon cutting to announce the good news at the Chamber of Commerce office.

After 25 years, Dee was thrilled that another couple would run the business as she and her late husband Joe had done. "I really liked having Joe as my partner. Christine has the enthusiasm and energy, just like I did at the beginning," said Dee, who will soon turn 80 years old. A special coincidence is that both Christine and David are both 53, the same age Dee was when she began Personal Touch.

"David and I are so excited to welcome newcomers to town," said Christine. "We will add some modern touches - an app is definitely on the horizon as a companion to the wonderful bag of branded merchandise, community resources, and special offers from our local businesses," she added.

"I'm ready for a new journey," said Dee. “I’ll be looking for what touches my heart, to give back to our community in a different way.”


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